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Choose & enjoy

Each burger is meticulously designed to taste amazing with hand picked ingredients and diligent staff we recreate the perfect burger experience again and again.

Crispy Burger

A chunk of broasted chicken topped with our in house mayonnaise and Special Seasoning all packed in a mouthwatering crispy burger.

Double Decker Chicken

Double Chicken, Double Cheese packed with both extra sauces, and seasoning this is our house grown monster burger.

Piri Piri Burger

Chicken tossed with spicy piri piri sauce topped with pickled paprika and onions, a saucy spicy temptation.

Schezwan Burger

Crispy Fried chicken tossed with classic schezwan sauce, Makes a sweet and spicy fantasy.

BArbeque Burger

Broasted Chicken tossed with rich smokey barbeque sauce complimented by the oregano mayonnaise is a rich burger experience.

Rogan Josh Burger

Inspired form the classic kashmiri Gravy “Rogan Josh” known for its rich aromatic flavour, Our choice from the wazwan cuisine. Richly spiced sauce tossed with chicken and mayonnaise.

Chilly Chicken Burger

Juicy and Spicy chilli chicken tossed with fresh cut capsicum and onions packed in a burger. A one of a kind experience

Tandoori Burger

Spicy and Juicy tandoori chicken patty topped with tandoori mayonnaise, mint chutney, onions, capsicums and a tinge of lemon.

Hariyali Burger

Hariyali chicken tikka topped with mint mayonnaise and mint chutney and further spiced with green chillies and lemon. A refreshing delight.

Veg Burger

Crispy Veggie Patty topped with Organo Mayonnaise and Ketchup.

Paneer Burger

Crispy Paneer Patty topped with oregano mayonnaise, special seasoning, onions and lettuce. A crunchy paneer delight.

Veg Cheese Burger

Veg cheese filled patty topped with slice cheese, onions and lettuce To give you a very fresh experience.

Black Burger

With the rich benefits of activated charcoal our chefs devised this monstrous looking black burger. A nutritious delight and a bite into the future of health.

Shawarma Burger

Inspired by our best selling kabab Magic Shawarma, this dish brings the flavour full joy of the shawarma to a burger armed with Grilled Chicken, Pickled Carrots, Onions and Chillies.